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Webinars & Podcasts

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Rosewood sponsors presentations
that provide insightful and
entertaining ways to learn skills of
maintaining positive a mental attitude.

Mental and emotional fitness
create healthier lifestyles and
promote better physical health.

Also, some seminars will be more
focusedand provide information
on challinging conditions such as the
Autisim Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

Come and share a laugh, treat
yourself to an evening out. Many
of these fantastic presentations
are free to the public.
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Rosewood presents Webinars and
Podcasts on a variety of topics.

Webinars focus on providing training
and information about cogitative issues
and specific pathologies.

Podcasts include interviews with
individuals and also panel
discussions about how to maintain
good mental and physical health as
well as how to address those times
that we may experience events that
challenge our mental helath.
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Workshops On Line Courses

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Workshops consist of audio visual
components augmented with lecture
style instruction. They utilize
workbooks and may also include
role-playing practice exercises.

Certificates of Attendance are issued
to those who successfully complete
the course. They are typically held
in a formal setting over one to two

Advanced Registration is required.

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On line courses are indepth,
full featured courses of study.
They are well researched and designed
to provide the student with current
and useable methods
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